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Dosage Guidelines for Himalayan Shilajit Resin

Dosage Guidelines for Himalayan Shilajit Resin

The Difference with Omnipotent Nutrition

Considerations When Taking Shilajit

To achieve favorable outcomes from this supplement, it's crucial to understand its appropriate dosage. It's important to exercise care when seeking shilajit products. Typically, avoid purchasing shilajit offered in formats other than resin, as these will likely contain lower amounts of the inherent minerals present in pure forms.

Most brands do not prioritize providing high-quality shilajit. These companies do not implement steps to ensure that their product can have a significant positive impact on your health and overall state of being. There are even fewer products that prioritize your safety.

When choosing Omnipotent Nutrition's Himalayan shilajit resin, you're getting the best product possible, and here's why:

  • Sourced directly from altitudes of 17,000-19,000 feet in the Himalayas, we can pinpoint the exact extraction sites—a unique feature unlike many other brands.
  • Every batch goes through rigorous filtration to eliminate impurities.
  • Third-party lab tests confirm maximum efficacy and purity.
  • Batches not meeting our standards are promptly discarded, prioritizing quality over profits.
  • Since we're based in the United States, we can guarantee lightning fast delivery with unparalleled customer service.

User Considerations:

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Dosing Guidelines for those over 18 years of age

Recommended Shilajit Dose for Adult Users

Shilajit Dosing Guidelines

There is no single standard of recommended dosing for shilajit that is applicable for everyone. Users are recommended to follow these dosing guidelines:

  1. Initial Observation Period: Take the first dose continuously for at least 7 days. During this period, pay close attention to how your body reacts to the product. Users have reported noticeable effects within days, others within weeks or as much as a month. Since each individual is unique, it is important to listen to your body and see how you react.
  2. Personalized Adjustment: Based on your observations during the initial period, you can adjust your dosing. You may consider increasing or decreasing the dose, as well as adjusting the frequency of intake.

Optimal Dose for Adults with Healthy BMI

For adults with a healthy BMI, the optimal daily dose is 500mg. It's important to note that older users who are less active may require a lower dose. However, adult users, including senior citizens, can safely take more. Individuals with a larger build are recommended to take higher doses to complement their body mass.

Additional Dosing Pointers

Here are a few more pointers to consider:

  1. Consultation with a Professional: It's advisable to consult with a naturopathic doctor or a specialist in ayurvedic medicine if you have any uncertainties about dosing shilajit.
  2. Interaction with Other Supplements or Medications: If you are currently taking other supplements or medications, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating shilajit into your regimen. This helps prevent potential interactions with other substances.
  3. Quality Assurance: Shilajit, even at higher amounts, is not known to produce side effects. However, this is valid only if you are using a genuine shilajit product from a reputable manufacturer. Be cautious of overpromoted counterfeit products from bogus marketers.

Omnipotent Nutrition shines through with a reusable measuring spoon, delivering a precise 500mg shilajit dose for reliable benefits. In stark contrast, many companies offer as little as 50mg or 100mg, intentionally deceiving consumers into a false sense of quantity, helping to maximize their profits. Beyond this, concerns arise over the legitimacy of sourcing practices and potency across these brands due to lack of transparency and poor practices like the ones mentioned above.

How to take shilajit

To ensure precise and consistent dosing of Shilajit, we recommend utilizing the metal reusable measuring spoon that is provided. This purpose-designed spoon has been meticulously crafted to facilitate accurate dosage administration.

Here's how to effectively use the metal reusable measuring spoon:

  1. Spoon Selection: Opt for the included metal spoon specifically designed for measuring Shilajit.
  2. Spoon Submersion: Gently immerse the metal measuring spoon into the Shilajit container. Allow the substance to naturally adhere to the spoon's surface, taking care not to heap or mound the substance.
  3. Controlled Deposition: Avoid the temptation to scoop excessively. Instead, let the substance accumulate on the spoon gradually and evenly. This measured approach aligns with the recommended daily dosage.

By employing the provided metal reusable measuring spoon, you can confidently and accurately integrate Shilajit into your daily routine, reaping its potential benefits while adhering to initial usage guidelines, while carefully seeing how your body reacts and making adjustments yourself as needed.